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Bowsaw Pins

I sell the tapered pins for the James Howarth bowsaw (made in Sheffield, England in the 1850s).  Check out my DVD on this project (Making the Howarth Bowsaw) at Josh Farnsworth’s website ; and an article on the same subject in Popular Woodworking Magazine (November, 2011).  I also teach workshops on making this bowsaw at the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC .

I sell smaller pins for a coping saw sized bowsaw based loosely based on one made by Melhuish, an English London-based tool maker from the early 19th c to the early 20th c.  I have adapted the Howarth bowsaw form to utilize these pins for this purpose.   The smaller pins are referred to as the Melhuish pins.

Bowsaw pins are turned from 360 machinable brass.  The specifications for these pins were based on numerous x-ray images of the handles of vintage bowsaws in the 12 to 18” size range.  These pins were tapered at both ends (one end going into the wooden handle, the other end going into the arm of the bowsaw).  The average taper was determined to be about 0.5 inches/foot.  The original pins were probably cast, then possibly turned to specifications.

Items Supplied with Your Pin Order

Along with the pins, I am including appropriate lengths of string for winding the bowsaw (6’ for coping saws, 10’ for the Howarth bowsaw).  Over the years I have used a variety of string, generally jute or hemp.  Recently I have discovered a source of maritime line and rope made in Sweden by a very traditional process and used by people interested in period style restoration of sailing ships.  The US vendor is American Rope and Tar Company.   They sell braided twine which is coated with tar (wonderful smell!) as well and I have found this to be an excellent bowsaw string.  As well as string, I include extra escutcheon brads (18g).

Turned Handles

I can also supply turned handles (with pins set in, if you like) in a wide variety of woods that I have in my shop for that purpose.  Generally I turn handles out of beech, maple, cherry, Osage orange or mulberry (closely related, but not as orange).  If you desire handles made of something more exotic, please contact me by email.  The pricing of handles is set for wood that I have on hand.  For other woods, the final price of handles will very according to the species you want.

Bowsaw and Coping Saw Webs

Tom Calisto  makes bowsaw webs for the Howarth bowsaw, to my specifications.  I have some of these in stock.  Generally, these webs are ¼” wide, 9 ppi, 5 degrees of rake, filed rip.  If you like, you can order a different configuration (for example: ¼” wide, 12 ppi, filed crosscut with 10 degrees of rake and 5 degrees of fleam), but there will be a wait time on those.

The coping saw webs are just made from regular coping saw webs with the pins tapped out and the hole drilled to fit 18 gauge pins.  I will supply these at a nominal cost.  You might want a couple of replacement blades for this purpose and/or different blade configurations (coarse, medium, and fine).

Downloadable Files

I have a series of PDF documents I have written to amplify some specific aspects of making and outfitting the bowsaws, and also show the specifications of the Howarth and the coping bowsaws.   The specification files are not to scale, but all of the dimensions are included in the images. These PDFs are on the DVD and on Josh Farnsworth’s website.  Some of the information in these has been updated since the DVD was released.

I have downloadable template files for the various parts of the Howarth bowsaw only.  Each of these images has a ruler in the frame so that you can be sure to print these files at the correct size.  If you would prefer to receive a hardcopy of these template images, please let me know.

Ordering Process

The easiest way is to send me an email stating what you want.  Be sure to include your complete contact information for my records and for shipping.  I will then send you a PayPal invoice.  As soon as the invoice clears, I will send your items.  If you do not use PayPal, I will send you a total plus shipping and sales tax (if you are in NC) and you can send a check for the full amount.  Upon receipt of the check, I will send your items.

My email address is

My mailing address is:

Bill Anderson

Edwards Mountain Woodworks

57 Woodside Trail

Chapel Hill, NC  27517-6077


Howarth bowsaw pins (15-18” saws), per pair – $45

Coping saw pins (6-12”” saws), per pair – $45

Turned handles, either saw, per pair (inquire about price for exotic woods – $25

Bowsaw webs, rip configuration, 15” (Howarth bowsaw), per web – $45

Coping saw webs, modified, 6”, per web – $5

Howarth bowsaw template images, set of 3, printed to scale – $10

Bowsaw string (6 or 10 feet); escutcheon pins (18 g), 6 per saw – gratis

Sales tax (for instate NC sales) – 6.75%

Please note that the prices are subject to change without notice.

Note that shipping costs will vary depending on the nature of the order.  In the past, pins have worked their way through padded envelopes, so now I ship in heavy cardboard tubes with plastic endcaps.  Simple orders are in the range of $6, while orders with handles and/or webs may be in the range of $9.